Flex-On Safe On Stirrups
Flex-On Safe On Stirrups
Flex-On Safe On Stirrups
Flex-On Safe On Stirrups

Flex-On Safe On Stirrups

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- Made from environmentally sound polyamide

- Contains flexible steel reinforcement

- Easy to maintain (can be cleaned with water)

- Unique shock absorbing system

- Four types of foot beds available (flat, inclined, mixed or endurance)

- Safety stirrup with retractable arm

- Interchangeable magnetic "stickers"


Flex-on - Safe-on Safety Stirrups: 

Flex-on brings you more and cares about your safety with the New Safety Stirrup and its flexible retractable arm.

The Flex-on Safe-On Ultra Grip Stirrups are the perfect choice for all riders, combining comfort, performance and style, along with a unique flexible arm for increased safety.

This structure protects against the risk of breakages. A flexible and retractable arm on the outer side helps to reduce the risk of injury; if you fall from your horse, this arm 'breaks' away to prevent your foot from being stuck in the stirrup. The retractable arm can then be easily screwed back into place. 

Thanks to shock absorbers made of elastomer springs, a wide range of custom options with different colours of frame, footbed and shock absorbers.

Inclined treads enhance the naturals 'heels down' position, providing increased stability and perfect positioning of the leg, while the Ultra Grip footbed is made from moulded POM with crimped pins made of hardened steel.

The Safety Stirrup has all the same components of the Green Composite Stirrup; one wide base of support and two pieces of shock absorbers.

Easy to clean (simply wipe with water!) and available to customise in a range of colours, the Flex-on Safe-On Stirrups are the ultimate choice for both everyday and competition use.

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