G's Formula For Horses
G's Formula For Horses

G's Formula For Horses

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This all natural, organic, Non-GMO food based formula will be the start of your equine success story.

Created on Vancouver Island in the beautiful Cowichan Valley as a last ditch effort to save one desperately sick horse named Giotto (G), G's Formula promotes an ideal gastro-intestinal environment for a healthy and balanced gut. In combination with good quality forage and a balanced vitamin/mineral supplement, your horse's digestive system can heal and function as it was originally designed to do.

Horses with poor digestion, difficult to diagnose lameness and stiffness issues, behaviour issues under saddle and an overall level of being unwell has become a virtual epidemic. A diagnosis of stomach ulcers has become the norm rather than the exception. This product aids in restoring the natural function, at a cellular level, of the horses gut which results in a healthier and happier horse. Results may take anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on your horses' condition.
Does your horse exhibit any of these behaviours which may be their only way of telling you they are in pain?

diarrhea, bloating, wet/loose manure
grooming and girthing sensitivity
back pain, stiffness and lack of bend (especially to the RIGHT)
poor coat and hoof quality - dull, dry, scurfy
performance issues: bucking, bolting, or poor stamina
overall unhappy horse, dull eye and reluctant to interact, eating issues