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G’s WIRX is an organic, non-gmo palatable addition to your horses daily feed which research has shown to help control insulin and glucose levels.

G’s Organic Solutions has completed a 12 month field trial proving the efficacy of this product. Complete data and trial procedures are available upon request.

How does it work?

G’s WIRX is made with a combination of two ingredients: Cranberry and Ceylon Cinnamon. Cranberry has high levels of proanthocyanins which are known to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce carbohydrate digestion. Ceylon Cinnamon reduces glucose and triglyceride levels without the risk of hepatic issues.

This combination has provided great results for the horses in our trial who have not previously responded to closely regimented low sugar/starch diets and impeccable management.

Additional benefits of G’s WIRX:

  • anti oxidant
  • anti cancer
  • improved heart health
  • anti inflammatory
  • anti bacterial
  • reduced cholesterol
  • improved urinary tract health

This is a trial size intended as a flavour sample. 1.5kg - 7 day supply