Sound Hoof Conditioner
Sound Hoof Conditioner

Sound Hoof Conditioner

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SOUND Hoof Care products are formulated from natural and locally sourced ingredients, produced and packaged at our own shop located in Southern California. Our carefully monitored old-world production process yields a premium, non-toxic, pleasantly-scented Hoof Conditioner of such high quality that we guarantee that you will notice a positive difference in just one shoeing cycle or we will return your money, no questions asked.

What Is Sound Hoof Conditioner?

Brought to you by the leaders in hoof care, our proven, fast-acting conditioner was formulated by farriers for farriers using an age-old recipe made with only the safest, natural ingredients. Sound Hoof Conditioner ensures the overall health of your horse by protecting its hooves from wet and dry conditions, preventing dry coronary bands and hoof cracks, while maintaining moisture and ensuring a supple, healthy hoof.

Why Use Sound Hoof Conditioner?

  • Contains NO wax or petroleum
  • Prevents hoof cracks and dry coronary bands
  • Protects against wet and dry conditions/climates
  • Formulated with essential vitamins and nutrients
  • Provides moisture and suppleness
  • Ensures *shine* for the show ring
  • Is non-toxic to the environment … and to your horse
  • Smells great!


Apply Sound Hoof Conditioner liberally with applicator brush to the hoof wall, coronary band and hoof sole prior to RIDING, BATHING and STALLING your horse and just before entering show ring. Use Sound Hoof Conditioner daily to ensure healthy hooves for your horse. Store at room temperature.


Essential fatty acids, retinol (palmitic acid, a form of Vitamin A), triglycerides, natural antioxidants, gamma-linoleic acid, and natural Omega-6 and Omega-9 vitamins. Natural scent.