Co-Flex Bandaging Wrap

Co-Flex Bandaging Wrap

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A Cohesive Flexible Bandage

This easy-to-use cohesive flexible bandage adheres only to itself, never to hair. Lightweight, breathable, non-shrinking and non-irritating, Co-Flex allows skin to breathe, and won't cut off circulation, making it an ideal solution for your pressure-bandaging needs. 


  • Flexible equine bandage is self-adhesive
  • Allows skin to breathe; won't cut off circulation
  • Perfect for running bandage and leg or tail wrap
  • Non-woven cohesive latex material
  • Ideal for lightweight compression
  • Adheres to itself, no clips or fasteners are needed
  • Compression bandage for sprains and strains
  • Maintains original size and does not shrink in width
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Item Specifications:

4" wide x 5 yards long