Frank Baines Elegance Dressage
Frank Baines Elegance Dressage

Frank Baines Elegance Dressage

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The Elegance is the ultimate choice of Dressage Saddle and has been developed to maximize the comfort of the horse, while assisting the rider to achieve perfect balance, close contact and harmony.

The Elegance offers all the key features needed to compete at world class level.

Based on a specially designed tree, the Elegance gives good clearance of the withers and is open to allow free movement of the horse’s shoulder and spine.

A narrow twist with medium depth seat places the rider in an upright position and allows balanced pressure to drive the horse and enable you to have the finest control.

Our most popular Dressage tree for fitting and rider comfort, the tree is also available in the Union Lux and Cadence models.

Also available as a Deluxe model with a pre-moulded pad.