Consignment Terms

Victoria Saddlery offers a varied selection of used dressage, close contact and all purpose saddles.
General Consignment Information
  1. Victoria Saddlery only accepts English saddles on consignment.
  2. Victoria Saddlery reserves the right to refuse saddles based on condition, age, style, etc.
  3. Saddles must be clean. Dirty/moldy saddles will not be accepted.
  4. Fittings do not generally increase the value of the saddle so they are best not included with the saddle and are at risk of being misplaced.
  5. Saddles that are older than 12 years are less likely to sell because styles change so much over time.
  6. Victoria Saddlery reserves the right to return saddles for any reason at any time.
  7. We will contact you if your saddle has sold or an offer has been made.
  8. Consignee will maintain and display saddles only at its place of business and on its website/social media for sale, at its cost and expense. Consignee will obtain consent of consignor before selling the goods and prices lower than those listed to our written agreement.
  9. A contract will be filled out and signed by both parties.

*Please note all consignment saddles are sold “as-is”. We do our best to give an honest representation of each saddle and its condition*

Appointments are not needed, feel free to drop in, we are always happy to assess saddles for marketability.

Saddle Pricing/Offers
  1. As soon as your saddle sells, or an offer is made, Victoria Saddlery will contact you.
  2. You have the right to accept, counter offer or refuse an offer.
  3. You are welcome to set the price of your saddle and reduce it when you please. Price will be set and mutually agreed by both parties, upon receipt and inspection by consignee.
  4. Saddles are sold and paid for in Canadian Dollars.
  5. The seller is charged a 25% commission which is waived if a new saddle is purchased from us at the same time the consignment is submitted.
Trial Period
  1. We offer our consignment saddles for trial locally or as far as Alberta. 
  2. Consignor/saddle owners have the right to refuse their saddle to be shipped out and will be contacted for permission first.
  3. We offer 5-7 day trials on all saddles. Extra time can be negotiated upon request.
  4. We ask for your full name, address, phone number/s, email address and credit card information for saddle trials.
  5. Victoria Saddlery is not responsible for any shipping costs on trial saddles.
  6. Any saddles shipped out on trial require full payment. Should the potential buyer wish to not proceed with purchasing the saddle at the end of the trial period, payment will be refunded once the saddle is safely returned in its original condition.
Consignment Period/Pick Up
  1. As of right now, Victoria Saddlery does not have a set consignment period. We offer long term consignments but due to limited space, we reserve the right to ask consignee's to collect their saddle/s at anytime and without reason.
  2. The consignment period has ended once the saddle has been sold or has been picked up.
  3. Consignor or consignee may terminate this contract at anytime. If either party terminates the agreement, the consignee will return the goods to the consignor.
  4. If you would like to take your saddle off consignment, we ask that you please contact us prior to pick-up so we have time to gather your consignment items and have them ready to go.
Consignment Payments
  1. Payment is issued in CAD funds only. Payment will be in the form of a cheque. Your checked can be picked up in store or mailed out to you upon request. We will contact you when your cheque is ready to be picked up.
Risk Of Loss
  1. While the goods are in the possession of the consignee, the consignee will bear the risk of damage to or loss of the goods. If the goods are severely damaged or lost, the consignee will pay the consignor the selling price listed less the stated commission.