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Antares Sellier

Antares Leather Oil

Antares Leather Oil

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Antares Leather Oil was created for use on Antares leather tack. This oil is specially recommended for the first treatment of your new Antares tack or other leather accessories. It will protect the leather and give it a suppleness to ease in the breaking in period. 

  • 500ml (16.9 ounces)
  • Apply to tack prior to first use
  • Apply with natural sponge
  • Do not use on suede

Deeply nourishing Antares Leather Oil should be applied to saddle or tack with a natural sponge. When the oil has penetrated the leather, apply a second coat. To keep Antares tack clean and moisturized, use Antares Leather Soap and Antares Leather Conditioner. If tack requires more nourishment, the Leather Oil can be used approximately every six months.

How frequently your tack needs oil depends on your local climate, your cleaning routine and where your tack is stored. When leather looks dry we would suggest giving it a drink of oil.

*Oil may darken the colour of the leather*

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