Flex-On Green Composite Stirrups

Flex-On Green Composite Stirrups

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Flex-On Composite Stirrups Ultra Grip are a revolutionary concept with a classical foundation. The Green Composite Stirrups from Flex On are made of polyamide material. The design of these stirrups incorporates “elastomers” which enable shock absorption.

The Inclined Ultra Grip serves two advantages:

  1. The “spikes” (Ultra Grip) made of hardened steel enable a non-slip grip.  The “spikes” grip to the bottom of your boots providing superior adhesion to the stirrup.
  2. The Incline allows better foot positioning. Better positioning enables better posture.

Simply speaking, these stirrups will prevent you from losing the stirrup. The shock absorption is especially important because of the impact on landing. The “elastomers” of the stirrup absorb the impact, not allowing transfer to the ankles or knees.

The stirrups’ traditional and classic design makes them a good fit for use in jumping, eventing, hunter, dressage and polo.


- Made from environmentally-sound polyamide

- Contains a single piece steel core

- Unique shock-absorbing system

- Four types of foot beds available (flat, inclined, mixed or endurance)

Frame colour: Grey

Shock absorbers colour: Grey

Foot bed colour: Grey

Foot bed/Plateau: Inclined

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