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Painted Ponies Holiday Figurines

Painted Ponies Holiday Figurines

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Each year The Trail comes out with a new collection of holiday-themed figurines that give collectors a fresh and delightful way of celebrating Christmas. Giving and receiving Holiday Painted Ponies has become a cherished Christmas tradition.

Winter Feathers - “Winter Feathers” is this artist’s way of sharing a cherished moment: “I love feeding birds in the winter. It begins when I sit at the window in the morning, feet up and a mug of coffee warming my hands, waiting for my breakfast guests to arrive. Then I glimpse movement behind a frosty holly leaf, and soon they emerge from the greenery to swoop among my offerings of seed and suet. Their colorful feathers flash bright against the sparkly snow as they flit about, calling a greeting to a new day."

Christmas Delivery - While creating "Christmas Delivery” Laurie asked herself, “Who better to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve than a Palomino Pony? All gold and gorgeous with white socks that make it look like he’s been prancing through powdery drifts of fresh snow?” But wait, how would the Pony know where to go without a rider? And would there be someone peeking out the window, watching him approach with a sack full of presents on his back? To that Laurie simply answered, "I like to make up my own scenarios behind the Ponies I create, so I will let you decide the rest of this story.”

First Snowfall - Like diamonds falling from the sky, the first snowfall of the season has magical powers. For some it is simply a reminder that it’s wintertime, while for others it takes on a symbolic meaning. It’s been said, that a field of freshly laid snow is like a blank canvas, suggesting endless possibilities.... To this north country mare, as fluffy snowflakes gently settle on her back, it means it's time to kick up her hooves and joyfully celebrate that Christmas is coming.

Jingle Bell Rock - It’s Christmas morning. Breathless with anticipation, before anyone else is awake, you make your way into the living room to see what blessings you received from Santa. You’ve been wishing for a Pony, and miracle of miracles, there he stands before you. It is not a real horse, however, he is an old-fashioned rocking horse made of wood. Nevertheless, you climb up and begin to rock back and forth. As his bells jingle jangle, you can almost feel the wind through your hair as you gallop across meadows, making this your best Christmas ever.

Holiday Tapestry - Saddle blankets are normally functional and serve to protect a horse’s back, both cushioning the saddle and wicking away moisture. Then there are beautiful, fashion-forward, customized saddle blankets that go beyond the basics. Those that are stylish, adorned with glittering embellishments, and are brought out just once-a-year to celebrate special occasions like Christmas. 

Snow Crystal - No two snowflake are alike. Each is an individual drop that develops, into an ornate pattern, as it falls to the earth from the clouds in the sky. "Snow Crystal" was created as a Christmas reminder that all of us, just like snowflakes, are unique and beautiful, each in our own way.

Away in a Manger - Laurie Cook’s own words in explaining the inspiration for her design. "I wanted to portray the quiet moments after the birth of Jesus, when only Mary and Joseph were there to breathe in His wonder. Like many parents, they probably gazed in admiration at their baby’s perfect fingers and toes.. I’m sure they had no idea that soon there would be kings arriving, bearing gifts…. On the reverse side of the Pony, I wanted the three kings to be slowly making their way across the landscape, following a brilliant star in the sky. Did they travel in awed silence? Did they call excitedly to one another about what this momentous occasion would bring to the world? We can only wonder.”

Santa’s Little Helper - It’s a hidden secret that Santa has so many stops to make on Christmas Eve that he must depend on Little Helpers to assist him with his deliveries. That’s why Christmas is this adorable Pony’s favorite time of year. It gives him the chance to deck out in a furry red suit and lend Santa a hoof bringing

A Standard Edition figurine is an open-numbered casting that comes with a Story Card inside an attractive, laminated box that completes the collectability of every Painted Pony.

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